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Tilix Kali Setup

Tilix Kali Setup is a penetration testing and red teaming script that installs and customizes Tilix on Kali Linux 2020+.

Main Features

  • Dark theme is set
  • Background color is set to black
  • Foreground (text) color is set to green
  • Tabs are used for sessions
  • Session tabs are positioned on the bottom
  • Title style is set to small to save space
  • Terminal title will show when single
  • Other windows are not allowed on top of Tilix quake
  • Text is copied on select
  • A custom script toggles between quake window heights
  • A custom script toggles between background transparency
  • A custom script displays the keyboard shortcuts


Clone the GitHub repository

sudo git clone https://github.com/centralinfosec/Tilix-Kali-Setup /opt/Central-InfoSec/Tilix-Kali-Setup


Run the following commands to install:

sudo chmod +x /opt/Central-InfoSec/Tilix-Kali-Setup/tilix-kali-setup.sh
sudo -E bash /opt/Central-InfoSec/Tilix-Kali-Setup/tilix-kali-setup.sh kali

Custom Commands

Change Quake Window Height (Tilix Size)

Toggle between 30% and 70% quake window height when no parameters are passed in or to size given between 0-100

ts 50

Change Background Transparency (Tilix Transparency)

Toggle between 0% and 25% transparency when no parameters are passed in or to transparency given between 0-100

tt 50

Display Keyboard Shortcuts (Tilix Help)

Print the Tilix keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcuts


Show/Hide Tilix quake mode

Alt + q

New Tilix window

Alt + t

Show keyboard shortcuts

Alt + z

Add new window

Alt + w


Add new session

Alt + s

Rename session

Alt + r

Switch to left session

Alt + j

Switch to right session

Alt + k

Move session to left

Shift + Alt + j

Move session to right

Shift + Alt + k

Fullscreen session

Alt + f

Save current session

Ctrl + Alt + s

Open saved session

Ctrl + Alt + o

Exit current session

Ctrl + Alt + e


Add new terminal right

Alt + n

Add new terminal down

Alt + d

Rename terminal

Shift + Alt + r

Switch to left terminal

Alt + h

Switch to right terminal

Alt + u

Switch to terminal by direction

Alt + Up
Alt + Down
Alt + Left
Alt + Right

Switch to terminal by number 1-9

Alt + 1
Alt + 2
Alt + 9

Resize terminal

Shift + Alt + Up
Shift + Alt + Down
Shift + Alt + Left
Shift + Alt + Right

Zoom in

Ctrl + =

Zoom out

Ctrl + -

Zoom normal

Ctrl + 0

Maximize terminal

Alt + m

Scroll up

Shift + Up

Scroll down

Shift + Down

Page up

Shift + Page_Up

Page down

Shift + Page_Down

Find text

Ctrl + f

Find next

Ctrl + g

Find previous

Ctrl + h

Copy text (text is already copied on select)

Alt + c

Paste text

Alt + v

Save terminal contents

Ctrl + s

Exit terminal

Alt + e


Open file browser

Shift + Alt + o

Open in Tilix

Shift + Alt + t

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