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Phishing Campaign Reporting & Historical Metrics (PhishReport)

PhishReport is a custom Excel Workbook that automates the management of phishing campaign reporting and historical metrics within in a single document by using custom formulas.

Main Features

  • Automated phishing campaign summaries, metrics, and trends in a centralized document
  • Measures the effectiveness of phishing awareness training
  • Identifies employees that may pose a higher security risk


Clone the GitHub repository

git clone https://github.com/centralinfosec/Phishing-Campaign-Reporting-and-Historical-Metrics /opt/Central-InfoSec/Phishing-Campaign-Reporting-and-Historical-Metrics


  • Within the workbook, create a new sheet with the title of the month or campaign name
  • Paste the phishing campaign results into the new sheet
  • The Summary sheet and Metrics graph will update automatically

Example Screenshots

Phishing Summary

Phishing Metrics

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