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Phishing Keylogger v2 (PhishLog)

PhishLog is a penetration testing and red teaming tool that automates the setup of a live keylogger that could be used with phishing campaigns to capture credentials and bypass two-factor authentication (2FA).

Main Features

  • A keylogger that displays keystrokes in real time
  • Customizable audio tones that play as keystrokes are detected
  • All keystrokes are stored in log files
  • An additional file, per unique ID, is created to log the first time each phishing link is clicked
  • The JavaScript keylogger (“main.js”) creates POST requests to “data/main.php”
  • The message “The username, password, or token was incorrect. Please try again.” is displayed upon a login attempt
  • After three login attempts, the target is redirected to the real login page

Main Files

  • index.html
    • Displays a message of “Access Denied. Please use the secure link provided.”
  • main.js
    • Logs keystrokes by making POST requests to “data/main.php”
    • Contains a honeypot link to “data/loginAttempts.php”
  • data/loginAttempts.php
    • Honeypot page that records hits to the log files which can indicate that the security team is investigating
  • data/main.php
    • Writes the keystrokes and phishing data to log files
  • data/securedata/main[1|2|3].html
    • Displays the live keystrokes in real time
    • A customizable audio tone is played upon each keystroke
  • data/securedata/main1.html
    • The newest keystrokes are shown at the top of the page
    • The user-agent is not displayed, allowing more focus on the username, password, and token
  • data/securedata/main2.html
    • The newest keystrokes are shown at the top of the page
    • The user-agent is displayed along with all other log data
  • data/securedata/main3.html
    • The newest keystrokes are shown at the bottom of the page
    • The user-agent is displayed along with all other log data
  • data/securedata/main4.php
    • Displays details of the first click logged for each unique ID in real time
  • data/securedata/unique/*.txt
    • Logs the first click details for each unique ID


Clone the GitHub repository

git clone https://github.com/centralinfosec/Phishing-Keylogger-v2 /opt/Central-InfoSec/Phishing-Keylogger-v2


  • Clone the real login page
    • Update the id of the input fields to id="user"id="pass", and id="token"
    • Add <script src="main.js?ver=0"></script> to the html code
  • Configure the web server by running the follow commands:
chmod +x /opt/Central-InfoSec/Phishing-Keylogger-v2/setupWebServerForPhishing.sh

Example Screenshot of Live Keystrokes

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