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Kali Linux Theme

Kali Linux Theme is a script that customizes Kali Linux 2020+ for penetration testing and red teaming.

Main Features

  • The terminal prompt is set to show the name, date, time, path, and if the UID is 0
  • Windows will gain focus on hover
  • The click policy is set to open files and directories with a single click
  • Executable files will be displayed in a text editor when clicked
  • The clock is set to show the date and time
  • The top panel is personalized with favorite apps
  • The alias/command “renet” is added which will restart networking and print out the external and internal IP addresses
  • The hostname is updated
  • The background is updated


Clone the GitHub repository

sudo git clone https://github.com/centralinfosec/Kali-Linux-Theme /opt/Central-InfoSec/Kali-Linux-Theme


Run the following commands:

sudo chmod +x /opt/Central-InfoSec/Kali-Linux-Theme/kali-linux-theme.sh
sudo -E bash /opt/Central-InfoSec/Kali-Linux-Theme/kali-linux-theme.sh kali

Custom Commands

Restart networking and print the external and internal IP addresses


Turn hover to focus on


Turn hover to focus off


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