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EDC Altoids Tin v1.0

This EDC Altoids Tin contains useful items that are consistently carried every day. The main reasons for having this EDC tin are utility and preparedness.


Items in this tin help overcome simple every day problems and help prepare for unexpected situations.

Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tin

An industrial strength survival food grade tin is used.

Mini Disc Magnets

Twenty-seven (27) mini disc magnets are in this tin. They are glued to a zip tie and grouped into three (3) magnets per piece of zip tie. Eighteen (18) of the magnets hold the screwdriver bits in place. Nine (9) of the magnets help hold the lid closed.

Small Band Aid

A secondary band aid placed at the bottom of the tin.

Sticky Note

A sticky note is placed on the band aid.

Alcohol Prep Pad

An alcohol prep pad is placed on the sticky note.

Mr. Green Ultra Slim Nail Clippers

Finger nail clippers that include a file are placed so that the tin can is divided into two sections. The clippers are pushed all the way left until they are tightly in place where the tin starts to bend at the corners.

64GB Memory Storage (SD / Micro SD / USB)

A 64GB micro SD card, a micro SD to USB adapter, and a micro SD to SD adapter are placed into the tin can. The micro SD to SD adapter is placed flat in the tin. The micro SD card is stored in the micro SD to USB adapter. The micro SD to USB adapter is stored against the front edge of the tin can.

Gerber Dime vs Leatherman Style CS

The Gerber Dime has more tools and is favored as a primary EDC multi-tool keychain. The Leatherman Style CS is TSA compliant and it is thinner than the Gerber Dime.

Leatherman Style CS Stainless Steel Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Style CS is a TSA compliant multi-tool used as a backup multi-tool to the Gerber Dime, or as a primary when traveling. Tools include:

  • Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
  • Spring-action Regular Pliers
  • Spring-action Wire Cutters
  • Spring-action Scissors
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Nail File
  • Carabiner
  • Bottle Opener

Screwdriver Bits & Socket Adapter

Screwdriver bits and a socket adapter are held in place using the mini disk magnets.

Nails & Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

A small and large nail are wrapped in professional grade gaffer tape. This provides (two) widths of gaffer tape.

Paper Clips

A small and larger paperclip are placed next to the gaffer tape.

Thick Twist Tie

A thick twist tie is folded in half and placed under the lip of the tin.

Screw and Washers

A small screw and two (2) washers are added.

Thumbtack & Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

A thumbtack is wrapped with professional grade gaffer tape. This provides a third width of gaffer tape.

1/4″ Mini Ratchet

A mini ratchet is placed over the thumbtack.

Extension Bit Holder

An extension bit holder is placed next to the mini ratchet.

Allergy Tablets

Two (2) Benadryl Allergy tablets are placed on the micro SD to SD adapter.

Key Ring & Metal Opening O-Ring

A key ring and metal opening o-ring are added.

USB WiFi Adapter

A USB WiFi adapter is always nice to have.


A toothpick is placed in the gap between the multi-tool and the wall of the tin.

Small & Large Zip Ties

A small and large zip tie are placed under the lip of the tin.

Thin Twist Ties

Two (2) thin twist ties are added around the front edge of the tin.

USB Type-A to USB Type-C

A magnetized USB phone charger folds in half.


A q-tip is bent and placed around the USB adapter.

Matches, Rubber Bands, & Binder Clip

Four (4) matches, strike paper, two (2) rubber bands, and a binder clip are combined to save space.


Two (2) Advil tablets are placed in the remaining gaps.

Floss Pick

A floss pick is added.

Large Band Aid

A large band aid is placed on top for quick access.

The Full Tin

The full tin shuts completely and the magnets help hold the lid securely in place. All of the items fit tightly in place so that there is no rattling noise.

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